Gambari Leads 130 Ecowas Observers To Senegal’s Presidential Election

Professor Ibrahim Gambari, Nigeria’s former Foreign Minister, and United Nations Under-Secretary, will lead a 100-member ECOWAS Election Observation Mission (EOM)…

Paul Ejime Paul Ejime

South Africa’s 2024 Election, A Referendum on Black Leadership

The results of South Africa’s 2024 elections further illustrate what pro-democracy groups have always canvassed - good governance/leadership is tribe and race-blind.…

Paul Ejime Paul Ejime
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Strengthening Nigeria’s Electoral Jurisprudence for Democratic Consolidation

By Dr Sonny Onyegbula Electoral jurisprudence, the body of law that governs…

Paul Ejime Paul Ejime

2024 Elections in India, South Africa: Similarities and Differences

By Paul Ejime Politically speaking, India is the World’s largest democracy with…

Paul Ejime Paul Ejime

A Judicial Mano-O-Mano in Nigeria’s Kano State – By Chidi Anselm Odinkalu

Muhammad Ali, the American boxing phenomenon whom the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)…

Paul Ejime Paul Ejime

ECOWAS @49 Struggling, But Hopeful

At 49, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) should be…

Paul Ejime Paul Ejime

Britain, IPOB And Terrorism

Two consequentialimplications stand out in the recent United Kingdom Government statement on…

Paul Ejime Paul Ejime

Anyaoku on new constitution and power devolution

Many Nigerians and friends of Nigeria are worried, and for good reasons,…

Paul Ejime Paul Ejime

Restructuring: Panacea For Nigeria’s Governance Challenges – Chief Anyaoku

Elections and their outcomes are triggers and drivers of political violence, conflicts…

Paul Ejime Paul Ejime

Faure Of Togo’s Political Ambition And ECOWAS Reputation

As widely expected, Togo’s national electoral commission has declared the ruling Union…

Paul Ejime Paul Ejime

Senegal, ECOWAS and Democracy, By PAUL EJIME

When former President Macky Sall shook hands and handed the mantle of…

Paul Ejime Paul Ejime